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Annual Reports: President’s Report, Committees Reports

OACP members, be sure to access the Annual Report from Chief Paul Pedersen on the last 12 months since our 2019 Annual General Meeting. We appreciate the leadership, dedication, and hard work of Chief Pedersen during these most extraordinary of times. Here are a couple of excerpts:

“While I was ready for the challenge of the Presidency, I don’t think many of us could have foreseen a global pandemic which, frankly, has changed everything. OACP members, like all other first responders, have had to deal with issues that many of us have never had to deal with before. Yes, many of us remember the SARS and MERS crisis. Many of us have had to deal with tragedies within our own organizations that have affected our people and the entire policing community. But the COVID-19 pandemic is very different.”

“Equally important for us this year were the lessons coming out of the horrendous incidents of police interactions with Black, Indigenous, and other communities who have for years fought against the evil that is racism. The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis may have been a spark for protests against racism and injustice, but it is not an isolated incident. As police leaders, we must state clearly that systemic racism does exist in policing, that it has always existed in our profession, and that we have not succeeded in rooting it out despite much hard work in this area.”

Members can also access reports from all our OACP committees. See for yourself the range and depth of work our committee members engage in throughout the year.

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