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CACP Annual Conference - Winnipeg - August 18-21, 2013 - Register Now!

The Winnipeg Police Service’s 1,800 members and 730,000 citizens are excited to host the 108th Annual Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) Conference.  Our location and new conference format will provide for efficient travel and convenience for all delegates and tradeshow attendees to meet “at the Centre of It All” and efficiently return or begin your vacation at 13:30 hrs. on Aug 21st.

In 2013, we bring you a theme of “Communication: at the Centre of It All”.  With the ever-changing advancements of the internet and social networking, communications and the need to remain ahead of existing trends remain top of mind for executives.  It is a critical component to effective police management that affects law enforcement and ultimately, the safety and security of Canadian citizens.

In addition to exceptional plenary sessions and tradeshow, the conference offers a unique vacation opportunity for you and your family.  The host hotel is steps away from the Forks, voted the greatest open public space in Canada with more than four million visitors annually!   We welcome you to explore our city and province’s many sights with options that are as diverse as our wonderful cultures that make up the place we love to call home.

 “Friendly Manitoba” awaits you in August and is sure to leave you with lasting memories of the prairies.

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