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Cannabis Questions as October 17 Looms

With the formal legalization of cannabis taking place on October 17, 2018, Ontario’s police leaders are fielding questions about whether our police personnel will be ready for the new legal framework and what impact legalization will have on our police workplaces.

Ontario police services have been training our personnel to enforce the new federal and provincial laws related to cannabis. We are confident that our people will carry out their duties in a professional manner.  There will be bumps along the road as Canadians adjust to the new reality, but we have no doubt our officers will do their jobs in this area with dedication and wisdom.

The legal landscape in Ontario continues to shift as the Government of Ontario announced on September 26 that the province won’t put a limit on the number of cannabis shops once recreational cannabis is legal across the country. The government did indicate that licensed producers could have one retail location at a production facility. Under the new bill, a government agency called the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation will handle on-line cannabis sales and wholesale distribution to private retailers, which are expected to be in place by April.

While there will not be a cap on private cannabis stores as there is in some other provinces,  Ontario officials have reserved the right to set “concentration limits” on stores in certain areas.

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