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Chiefs Weigh in on Cannabis and Supervised Injection Sites Consultations

The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) participated in recent consultations with the Government of Ontario on cannabis retail stores.  Chief Kimberley Greenwood and Executive Director Jeff McGuire represented the OACP while a number of Chiefs of Police engaged in local roundtables.

The OACP put forward its consistent position, stressing the need for private retail stores to be governed provincially, well-regulated by the province with strong inspection powers as well as including strong background checks of those that are seeking licensing, including the potential for CISO review. Also, we maintained that employees should follow a provincial training module similar to the Smart Serve approach, including investment in upstream prevention models.  We were pleased to receive support from many other groups at the consultation.  We also urged the government to consult with First Nations Chiefs of Police as part of the process.

The OACP also took part in provincial consultations on Supervised Injection Sites.  During these consultations, we stressed the need for public safety issues to be part of the holistic solutions developed to address drug overdose issues.

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