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Standing together to make a difference

Leadership Forum Tackles Important Issues

Policing in Ontario is undergoing significant changes. To manage and lead those changes, we need police leaders at all ranks of our law enforcement organizations to be equipped with the knowledge and tools to do their jobs well. The 2019 OACP Leadership Forum (#RealLeadership) held in Toronto October 30 to November 1, 2019 was an opportunity to learn, share, and network about many of the issues driving changes in law enforcement.

Here are highlights from the Forum:

  • Mario Di Tommaso, Deputy Minister of Community Safety, kicked off the Forum with a very comprehensive presentation on the Comprehensive Police Services Act.
  • Participants engaged in an important discussion on organizational barriers to the well-being of police service members.
  • North Bay Chief of Police Scott Tod led a session on the practical side of leadership.
  • What are the challenges to effective leadership in policing?
  • RCMP Inspector Barry Dolan and OACP Director of Government Relations and Communications Joe Couto provided an overview of the realities of organized crime today.

Other sessions included mass casualty, interoperability challenges, de-policing, incident response, and human resources and staffing challenges.

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