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Members News - January 12, 2018

  • Congratulations to Ontario’s newest Chief of Police, Insp. Zvonko Horvat. Chief Designate Horvat brings 32 years of service to his new position. He will his duties as Chief on January 30, 2018. Thank you to Chief Andre Reymer for his 30 years of dedicated service to the Town of Aylmer and policing in Ontario!
  • Congratulations also to Insp. Darren Strongman on his appointment as Deputy Chief of Police of the Port Hope Police Service!
  • The next meeting of the Board of Directors is taking place in London, ON from February 13 -14. Please connect with your OACP Zone representative if you would like to make the Board aware of any issues.  A full list of Zone Directors is available here.
  • The OACP’s Annual Committee Chairs meeting is taking place on March 27-28, 2017. This meeting provides an opportunity for the OACP executive, staff, and Committee Chairs to meet and discuss issues the Committees are working on and how they align with the OACP’s new 5-year strategic plan.
  • Chief Jeff McGuire (ret.) is chairing a new Working Group tasked with reviewing the OACP’s current committee structure, including how committees currently align with the OACP’s Strategic Plan. The OACP Committee Restructuring Working Group’s next meeting is taking place on January 17. Chief McGuire will be submitting a preliminary report to the Board of Directors in February and will be in attendance at the Annual Committee Chairs meeting.
  • The OACP staff is working on the next exciting issue of H.Q. Magazine. The magazine will be available on-line and will be mailed to active OACP members toward the end of February.
  • Many police leaders have been asking about training on the decriminalization of cannabis.  The OACP Board of Directors will be discussing training issues at its February meeting.  Meanwhile, there are numerous conferences and training opportunities coming from the private sector, including the Municipal Issues in the Legislation of Cannabis on March 20-21, 2018 in Toronto.  This conference is being hosted by Infonex Professional Development. For more information, access
  • The Rotman School of Management is offering a  Strategic Negotiations program Februart 5-8, 2018. THe program is s designed to help you identify, implement and sharpen your negotiation skills, enabling you to confidently and comfortably ensure a successful resolution to the conflicts, problems and disagreements you have to mediate in your daily interactions. For more information, including how to register, please click here. 
  • The Alzheimer Society of Ontario offers a free online education program designed for first responders and other health professionals (supportive housing, social housing and retirement home staff), as well as anyone with an interest in helping people living with dementia to live safely. The course contains four modules that cover the following topics:
    • Understanding dementia and its associated risks
    • Communicating with a person with dementia
    • Helping people with dementia to live safely in the community
    • Interacting with a person with dementia who may be lost  

By completing all four modules and a short quiz, the learner is awarded the Living Safely in the Community badge. For more information, you can visit the course on our website here.


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