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OACP Committees Finishing 2017 Strong

Many OACP committees have or are planning final meetings for 2017 that will set up the association for a very busy 2018.  Committees are fully aware that next year will see both Provincial and Municipal elections.  As such, Ontario’s police leaders are positioning themselves to keep community safety and well-being at the forefront of advocacy for strong police services and safe communities.

Members should note that the Justice Committee will be meeting on December 4 and the following issues will be discussed:

  • Court Security Issues
  • Status of e-Warrants Initiatives
  • Update on E-Disclosure Issues
  • Update – Frame Memorandum of Understanding (Disclosure), including a recent legal discussion on Disclosure of 911 calls
  • New Crown Directive on Bail
  • Update on OCJ Justice Modernization Project (Prisoner Transportation Issues/Concerns,  Video – Remand & Appearance in Court & Remote Access Defence, and OCJ Justice Modernization Committee Initiative Updates 2017
  • MAG Holding Cells Working Group
  • Update on Mental Health Issues
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