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Standing together to make a difference

This Week at Queen’s Park and Parliament Hill – January 10, 2020

  • Ontario’s police leaders extended condolences to Premier Doug Ford on the passing of his mother, Diane.
  • The OACP has received inquiries regarding the R. v. Doering case and its implications for police. The Ontario Superior Court of Justice case involved a London PS Constable who was found guilty of criminal negligence causing death and failing to provide the necessaries of life to a suspect. Please contact Joe Couto at for a copy of the ruling.
  • Public Safety Canada and the RCMP have confirmed that cabinet orders have not yet been passed to put into effect renewed controls over firearm sales, license verification, and other restrictions that were contained in Bill C-71 when it received Royal Assent last June. Public Safety Canada said other steps have yet to be taken to put the Firearms Act amendments from C-71 into force — including funding approval for new systems and regulations for Parliament to review before they go into place.
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