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Standing together to make a difference

“Virtual” Police Week Highlights Essential Police Work

The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police is pleased to recognize excellence in policing with the announcement of the 2020 OACP Awards recipients.  

Thank you to Ontario police services for making this year’s Police Week (#PoliceWeekON) a tremendous success. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, police organizations utilized creative ways to reach out to their communities during the week, primarily through social media. Thank you to all services for their commitment to highlighting the work of their members.

Be sure to check out OACP President Chief Paul Pedersen’s Police Week video.

The OACP believes that all police services’ resources will be under tremendous pressure in the post-COVID-19 environment on the horizon. It is expected that municipalities will be looking for significant cuts to police budgets in order to help address overall municipal budget shortfalls due to the pandemic. In the OACP’s view, this pandemic has demonstrated that cuts to public services – including public safety services delivered by police services – undermines the health and safety of all Ontarians. It is important that police leaders consistently deliver this message to our elected officials and our communities.

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